myself1.jpg I'm a full stack web developer living in Poland, working for clients from Canada and USA. I work with open source software a lot, occasionally fixing bugs and giving back to the community. I had a short romance with psychology, but ultimately it were the computers that I've spent the most time with.


My professional career began in 2008, but really, I've been coding most of my life. I specialize in web development, but I enjoy writing some compiled, client code from time to time. I was lucky to work on a great variety of projects — web applications, desktop apps and clustered network daemons; corporate software, medical environments and customer facing applications.

Open Source

I rely heavily on open source software. This community provides the tools that I use every day at my job. I try to be a good citizen and send my fixes and enhancements upstream.


Developer blogs are second only to Stack Overflow in documenting common pitfalls and providing immediate solutions. Unfortunately I don't do a very good job in posting to mine. Here's the link anyway.