A great deal of my com­mit­ment to open source is cour­tesy of my employer. At Flux Inc we use open source every day and when­ever some­thing needs to be fixed we try to push our changes upstream.

You can check out my GitHub and Gito­ri­ous pro­files.

Spree: E-Commerce for Ruby on Rails

Spree is a com­plete e-com­merce solu­tion for your Ruby on Rails appli­ca­tion. Orig­i­nally cre­ated by Sean Schofield it is now main­taned by core team of devel­op­ers and avail­able for com­mer­cial use.

Spree Simple Volume Pricing

Sim­ple Vol­ume Pric­ing is an exten­sion to Spree that I've cre­ated while work­ing on a not yet announced Flux Inc project. It allows shop admin­is­tra­tors to define quan­tity dis­counts. Cur­rently main­tained by myself.

Enki: Ruby on Rails blogging app

Enki is a sim­ple blog­ging app that I use for my own blog. It's cre­ated by Xavier Shay and is based on the assump­tion that if you're a coder then it's eas­ier for you to hack code than edit pref­er­ences.

Sparkle: software updates for OS X apps

Sparkle is a frame­work that makes it easy to add auto­matic soft­ware update fea­ture to your mac appli­ca­tion. There's lit­er­ally hun­dreds of appli­ca­tions that use Sparkle for this pur­pose. Sparkle is cre­ated and main­tained by Andy Matuschak.

QJSON: JSON library for Qt framework

QJSON is a library that maps JSON data to QVari­ant objects. There's no bet­ter way to read or write JSON in your Qt-based appli­ca­tion. QJSON is a project started and main­tained by Flavio Castelli.


Cuty­Capt is a com­mand line tool that uses WebKit that comes with Qt to ren­der and cap­ture web pages. In addi­tion to many image for­mats you can also save a web page to PDF which allows copy­ing and past­ing of text. WebKit is a great stan­dards-com­pli­ant browser engine (along oth­ers used in Chrome and Safari) and Cuty­Capt's com­mand line inter­face is par­tic­u­lary handy if you want to cap­ture web­page con­tents in a shell script. Cuty­Capt was writ­ten and is main­tained by Björn Höhrmann.

Ruby Gem: Inherited Resources

Inher­ited resources is a gem that helps Ruby on Rails appli­ca­tions to fol­low Skinny con­troller - fat model par­a­digm. It speeds up devel­op­ment and allows devel­oper to focus on what makes his con­trollers dif­fer­ent. The gem is main­tained by Jose Valim.

Ruby Gem: Awesome Nested Set

Awe­some Nested Set is an imple­men­ta­tion of the nested set pat­tern for ActiveRe­cord mod­els. Ini­tially cre­ated by Col­lec­tive Idea, now main­tained by dif­fer­ent peo­ple in sev­eral forks. I'm fol­low­ing the fork cre­ated at Rails­Dog and it's where I've sent my patch.

Ruby Gem: CanCan

Can­Can is an autho­riza­tion library for Ruby on Rails. It checks whether the user is allowed to access spe­cific resources. All per­mis­sions are defined in a sin­gle loca­tion instead of being scat­tered across con­trollers and views. Can­Can is devel­oped and main­tained by Ryan Bates.

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